Marijuana Legal States

What are marijuanas legal states? Visiting another state or country? Confused by the laws there? While it’s legal to consume any drug in Oregon in the USA, the Philippines has passed a law allowing anybody to murder a drug dealer with no punishment. Stupidest places in the world to touch drugs Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

The use, possession, sale, cultivation, and transportation of cannabis is illegal under federal law in the United States. However, the federal government has articulated that if a state passes a law to decriminalizecannabis for recreational or medical use, it can do so, under the condition that a regulation system for cannabis is in place. Cannabis is listed as a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the highest classification under the legislation. Part of the reason marijuana remains illegal at the federal level is because it is classified as a Schedule I drug. A Schedule I drug, as defined by the Drug Enforcement Administration, is a substance that has a high potential of being abused by its users and has no acceptable medical uses.[1]

Individual state laws do not always conform to the federal standard. State-level proposals for the rescheduling of cannabis have met with mixed success. As of November 9, 2016, the use of both recreational and medicinal marijuana has been legalized in the states of AlaskaCaliforniaColoradoMaineMassachusettsNevadaOregon, and Washington.[2] The District of Columbia has fully legalized recreational and medical marijuana, but recreational commercial sale is currently blocked by Congress. Twelve states have both medical marijuana and decriminalization laws (three of them being CBDonly[clarification needed]). Thirteen states, Guam, and Puerto Rico have legalized psychoactive medical marijuana, while another thirteen have only legalized non-psychoactive medical marijuana. One state and the U.S. Virgin Islands have only decriminalized possession laws. In the remaining three states and two inhabited territories, marijuana possession and sales for any use are illegal and prohibited entirely. Wikepedia

United States

It’s important to note though that marijuana is a Schedule 1 narcotic under Federal Law so that you could still in theory be arrested by Federal agents for possession. Even in states where recreational use is permitted, some employers might drug test you and fire you for use. National politics are on a different planet than state legislation so there may be a crackdown by the Trump administration soon, even as a law goes through Congress telling the Federal government to leave states alone which have legalized weed. You should always be cautious about doing anything such as pipes with any deposit across state lines (even between nations that permit use) or flying while in ownership as you might be detained by the FBI, DEA or ATF.

marijuana legal states

marijuana legal states

Recreational use permitted

Medical use permitted
New Hampshire
New York
New Jersey
Rhode Island
North Dakota
New Mexico
Puerto Rico

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