Man Runs Marijuana Factory At Gnome Business

Man Runs Marijuana Factory At Gnome Business – as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

A 42-year-old man, Jason Lee from Denbighshire, UK reportedly admitted in court to having a cannabis operation running at his garden ornament business. Lee’s 70,000 pound electricity bill was accidentally sent to his landlord, Flintshire Council. However, the council workers were already suspicious after they had noticed security cameras and additional lighting being added to the leased property.

Police raided the area, finding more than 80 cannabis plants in a hidden room, more than 200 additional plants in a separate area, and growing equipment along with informative reading material.

Lee claimed he fell on tough financial times which led him to the growing business.

Early in August, another major bust occurred. Police in Rome uncovered a hidden marijuana factory, containing plants valued at $3.7 million, in an abandoned tunnel on a farm. Officials made the discovery after catching a whiff of the telltale pot scent near the entrance of the tunnel. The farm owner was arrested, putting a stop to a large operation.

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