Government Cannabis Plantations.
Dutch news item from ‘Netwerk’ tv program.
Translation in progress.

The Weed Top.
A governmental and provencial meeting on weed regulations.
Especially at the borders with Belgium and Germany the regulations must be heavier, according to some local politicians. This bceause of the many drug tourists visiting the local ‘Coffeeshops’ (weed bars) in Holland.

The fact is: There’s too much money that’s been made whith Marijuana. The government wants to get hold on this money. That’s why these regulations. They – the government – even talks about making their own Marijuana plantations.

Watch carefully the news these days and you can see how step-by-step the governments are taking control on all aspect of life.

The Marijuana subject is much more than a bunch of high-hippies.

Ask yourself; Why Marijuana is forbidden or restricted… And why there’s so much alcohol available?

Search for scientiffic articles regarding the studies on brain-growth of test animals with active elements from weed.

Did you know; Industrial Hemp is THE solution for environmental problems? Paper, Clothing, Fabrics…yes even fuel, like bio-ethanol for cars can be made with Industrial Hemp. Proven facts. The use of medical-weed is also a working proven fact.

The pharmaceutical-cartels have their answer to this by launchig Synthesized-Weed pills. Which one do you prefer: Natural or Synthetic?

Jesus talks about ‘Manna’ to cure people. According to some Bible studies; Jesus made this Manna with some Marijuana.
Mary Jane.


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