Curing Marijuana

Curing Marijuana
Curing marijuana is a prominent step in the production of a high quality weed. It’s an intricate process that requires a lot of expertise as we will see hereby. Practice and patience are extremely fundamental in curing for the best possible weed. People who have never encountered cured marijuana will find it smooth and pleasant when they first taste it. This is because curing marijuana changes its subjective effects. Most cultivators don’t actually cure their marijuana to save on time and expenditure in order to make quick money and the result is the sub-par weed you find in the streets.
curing marijuanacuring marijuana

How Curing Works
Curing makes the difference between “satisfactory” and “excellent” marijuana. In the real sense, curing changes how buds make you feel by changing the composition of THC and other cannabinoids responsible for the effects.

Requirements for Curing Marijuana
Mason jars (1 quart size): these should be wide-mouthed so that your buds can fit to enter without having to bend them. You may opt for a drying rack especially when handling a large batch of buds.

When using drying racks, ensure there is high enough humidity since the rack may dry up the buds too quickly. Hygrometer that preferably fits in the jar will be ideal to help you heck moisture content. Another option is to use humidipaks such as the Boveda Medium 62%; these are uniquely designed for storing cannabis in order not to let it dry out or become crispy.
Benefits of Curing Marijuana

  1. Curing gives bacteria time to break down the remaining chlorophyll. Chlorophyll contains magnesium which is responsible for the harsh and sharp burning. Thus, curing disintegrates chlorophyll thereby improving the taste of the marijuana buds. Curing also brings out the subtle flavor of your particular strain.
    2. This process also reduces harshness of the buds. As such you will be unlikely to cough or experience a headache after. Buds that are cured are less likely to cause anxiety, racing thoughts and paranoia.
  2. Curing allows further control of the moisture level. The drier the bud gets, the faster it loses its taste and aroma. Thus curing offers you a way to control how much moisture you need in your marijuana.
  3. Curing eliminates the smelly odor especially found in freshly cut marijuana.
  4. This curing process also reduces the chance of mold growing on your cannabis.
  5. It also increases potency by concentrating THC levels in your marijuana.

    curing marijuana
    The Curing Process

    There are quite a number of techniques used in curing marijuana. The best method involves the use of air tight glass jars; curing using this technique is well known to produce the most favorable bud. The bud is placed inside the jar and kept in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not squeeze in and compact buds in the jar for them to fit else the curing process will result into an end result that’s much difficult to burn as the THC cannabinoid particles tend to be grouped in bunches.

The relative humidity should be maintained at about 60-65%. Use a hygrometer to check this up. Alternatively, it is recommended to open the jars daily in the first week for the reasons of checkup and a bit of bud rotation in the jar. After the first week, you are supposed to only open the jars daily for about thirty minutes for about 3-4 weeks. Opening the jars serves the following functions:

  1. Allows excessive moisture to escape for the purposes of moisture control.
    2. Opening the jar ventilates more air to the bacteria breaking down the chlorophyll.

The whole process requires expertise as opening the jar for too long or too short a period may result into the curing process being ineffective. So it is disastrous to either remove too much moisture or let the buds go damp. Either way, the curing process may be hindered or even rendered null and void.
Over-drying the buds may be solved by adding into the jar a newer and wet bud with some moisture; it will moisten the over-dry bud as it loses moisture striking a subtle balance. Some cultivators add a slice of fruit or rind into the jar content for the under listed reasons:

  1. To raise the moisture content in the jar.
    2. Secondly to incorporate a unique taste and aroma to the buds.

In conclusion, the curing process averagely proceeds for 4-8 weeks. When the jars stop burping when opening, just know the chemical activity of the bacteria on chlorophyll has declined and thus your curing has been successful. In chemical terms, curing is the disintegrating action of bacteria on magnesium-containing chlorophyll. Curing is accompanied by changes in the THC and other cannabinoid content in the bud. THC level in your bud increases as a result of skillful curing, thus ensuring high-quality marijuana.

After curing, the bud can be stored almost indefinitely although the THC potency will start to decrease after approximately eight weeks. Storing the buds in a cool and dry place away from sunlight will slow down the degradation in potency with time

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