Cannabis Culture News LIVE: US Feds Crack Down on Medical Marijuana

CCN LIVE Episode #11 – Original Air Date: March 18 2011

Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: Is the US federal government cracking-down on medical marijuana? A new memo and a barrage of federal raids in Montana and other states have the cannabis community on edge. John Masterson from Montana NORML joins the show to discuss the latest.

A new memo from the US federal government makes clear that authorities plan to go after medical marijuana dispensaries, “regardless of state laws.” New raids at 26 locations in 13 cities across Montana and raids in other states have medical marijuana activists wondering if the Feds are ramping up for a Nationwide offensive.

Princess of Pot Jodie Emery also joins the show to discuss her recent trip to Washington State where she was invited to testify to the State Legislature in support of a new bill to legalize pot and make it available for retail purchase in liquor stores. Jodie discusses the latest news on her husband, activist Marc Emery, who is serving a 5-year prison sentence in the US for selling marijuana seeds.

Author: 420harvester

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